Friday, 4 November 2011

Consultations you should be aware of:

Cambridge City Council:
Draft Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)
Based on National Planning Policy this work ensures an informed understanding of the likely future availability of land for housing in Cambridge over the next 20 years of the next Local Plan.
It identifies sites which may have potential for housing and how many housing units could be accommodated. Click here for more details. Deadline for comments is 11 November 2011 – comments directly to the Council. Please let us know your views by a.m. Tuesday 8 November so we can formulate a response on behalf of CambridgePPF.

Draft Cambridge Skyline Guidance  -  covering tall and bulky buildings within the City
Increasing pressures on the City to build taller and bulkier buildings have resulted in a more comprehensive guidance being prepared. Currently envisaged as informal council guidance but will be a material consideration in the review of planning applications submitted to the Council.
Click here for full details on this consultation draft. Deadline for comments is 12 December 2011 @ 5pm – comments directly to the Council. Please let us know your views by end of November so that we can finalise a response on behalf of CambridgePPF. To see the report following CambridgePPF’s most recent workshop on this issue  (5 May 2010) – please click here

Mobility Survey
The City Council wants Cambridge city centre to be an enjoyable experience for all. It is particularly keen to help disabled people and their helpers, as well as people with push chairs and prams to navigate more easily. Click here for full details. Deadline for comments by 15 December 2011.

Cambridge City, South Cambridgeshire District Council
North West Cambridge – planning application submitted for new urban extension by the University of Cambridge
The proposed development proposes 3,000 dwellings, 2,000 student accommodations, employment and commercial space including a super market, community facilities, green space etc. Click here for full details of this major development. Deadline 4 November 2011. It may be possible to try to negotiate an extension with the planning case officer before the deadline finishes.


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