Friday, 6 January 2012

Consultations you should be aware of

City Council Consultations
Important Consultations which will decide on the future of the general envrionemnt of our major roads and Conservation Areas - make your voice heard:
Local Residents' Petition
Garden House Hotel - extension planned is further to the right
RAON’s petition against the extension to the Hilton Doubletree Hotel (old Garden House Hotel) adjacent to the River Cam and Coe Fen/ Sheep's Green - for details please click here. If you wish to contact Residents' Association of Old Newnham (RAON) there is a link to follow on the petition itself.
CambridgePPF have opposed the submitted planning application in September 2011 - for details click here.
Review of Cambridge Local Plan
The City Council is undertaking a stakeholder worksshop and has invited CambridgePPF to join one of them.
Similarly key landowners, organisations, businesses and other stakeholders in the City will be consulted to talk about their aspirations for the future.
Please let us know of any changes you wish to make in view of the Local Plan - how it should be updated and guide development of the City covering a plan period up to 2031. How can planning policies be better phrased and what is missing or should be added to make our environment - natural or built - better for all.
Please send us your thoughts to this CambridgePPF contact e-mail by 23 January 2012 at the latest so that we can prepare in time for the meeting.

Our Chair - Dr Robin Pellew submitting the petition to Government

CambridgePPF Petition to Government
(regarding the National Planning Policy Framework)
To date we have not yet had any feedback nor acknowledgement from Government.
Our original submission can be viewed here, article published by Cambridge News can be viewed here.

We are keeping an eye on all and will update you asap.



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