Friday, 10 February 2012

A new vantage point at Wandlebury Country Park - the Banyard Hide

On Friday 10 February 2012 we have officially opening a new observation hotspot at Wandlebury Country Park in memory of one of our dedicated volunteers and trustee - Michael Banyard.
It is a bird hide, shelter and look out which will add to Wandlebury's delights.

Donors, corporate supporters, patrons, staff and many volunteers and guests enjoy the new hide
Funded by charitable donations, corporate support and gifts in kind, the hide is the perfect place for sheltering from the winter weather and a great look out watching the natural inhabitants of Wandlebury go about their business.
CambridgePPF is grateful to all those who have supported this project and seen it through to fruition. An initial grant from Cambridge City Sustainable City Grant generated wide interest and local companies such as Mackays Ltd, Peter Saunders Builders Ltd, Scotsdale Nursery and Garden Centre, Cambridge Risk Ltd, many local donors helped to make the project a reality.
Conceived by Architect Sabin Anca of State of Design Ltd, Cambridge, together with international conservation organisation Forest Monitor, the structure started of as an exhibition feature as part of Architecture Week displaying global deforestation issues. Subsequently the structure was recycled in parts to make the bird observation hide. Sustainability issues have been at the heart of the initial structure - as an exhibition structure - and the theme has been continued at Wandlebury:
  • some timber of the original structure has been re-used
  • where possible local suppliers have been used
  • cedar cladding and roof shigles will weather naturally - avoiding usage of timber reservatives and paints
  • rainwater will be collected and used to top up a small wildlife drinking pool
  • a green roof - using native species -  has been installed over the staircase - collecting water and creating further feeding and nesting places for insects and birds (the water impermeable liner has been donated by re-natur).

The Banyard Hide

The structure has its own niche within a shelterbelt and gives views to different wildlife areas. Species to spot include the green wood peckers, jackdaws and kestrels in around the pasture, robins, wrens, black birds in the coppice shelter belt and jays and pheasants in the field.

Following and initial idea by CambridgePPF's Ranger Team and in discussion with the committee the rangers together with volunteers have constructed the hide and the interpretation panels - depicting sponsors as well as the delightful green wood pecker -  were also done in-house.


Architect Sabin Anca

Ranger Team on the lookout!

observing the wildlife within the nearby tree belt

enjoying the view from the first floor

glimpses of the interior

interpratation panels and benches designed in-house

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